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Addressing the climate crisis by harnessing the energy and water from the Earth’s atmosphere as an around-the-clock renewable resource.

Air Conditioning


The impact of air conditioning on our planet cannot be understated. Demand for air conditioning is expected to increase as populations contend with warming temperatures. With over 40% of building energy demand coming from space cooling and a projected 2/3 of the world's households having air conditioning in just 20 years, we need a better solution to meet those needs.

AirJoule enables evaporative cooling using water harvested from air – reducing electricity consumption by approximately 75% while lowering emissions. The energy cost savings by using an AirJoule dehumidifier are expected to have a payback period of only 1.5 years.


More than two billion people live without adequate water supply. And by 2040, approximately one-quarter of children will be living in areas with high water stress.

AirJoule harvests water from air more effectively than any technology today. AirJoule can provide affordable, potable water in water-scarce regions around the globe, and it works in both humid and arid climates.

Water Harvesting

Towards a Better Tomorrow

Humanity is not equipped to meet the needs of a changing climate amid growing populations and rising temperatures. To create a more sustainable and equitable future, we must reduce emissions while meeting global demand for water and air conditioning.

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AirJoule provides cooling and dehumidification, reducing electricity consumption by 75%.

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AirJoule harvests water vapor (humidity) at unprecedented efficiency.


AirJoule has Patents and Patent applications in 44 countries.

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AirJoule taps into the atmosphere and provides clean drinking water at 1/2 to 2 cents per liter.

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International partnerships enabling a transition to mass production scale.

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“The atmosphere has almost as much water at any one time as all the rivers and lakes in the world; Harvesting this water could help turn dry deserts into oases.”

Dr. Omar Yaghi

Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Built by a team of Engineers and Visionaries

A world-class team committed to saving the planet.

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Montana Technologies to combine with Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition II Corp. to commercialize AirJoule ®

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