We want to bring AirJoule to the global stage to make a meaningful contribution to climate change.

Our strategic partnerships with leading corporations will allow us to ramp up production and deployment of AirJoule at scale and pace to access huge demand across critical markets and geographies.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

US DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) scientists conceived of and patented the self-regenerating dehumidifier.

  • Montana Technologies has the worldwide exclusive license for the technology

  • PNNL and Montana Technologies have executed a Strategic Project Partnership Agreement to further develop further enhancements to the technology


CATL Battery is the world's largest Li-ion EV battery manufacturer

  • CATL and Montana Technologies have executed a 50/50 joint venture (CAMT Climate Solutions) to manufacture and commercialize AirJoule in the Asia region

  • CAMT global sourcing efforts will benefit AirJoule deployment in all world markets


BASF is the world's largest chemical company with facilities around the world

  • Montana Technologies and BASF have implemented a development agreement for the production of engineered super-porous materials that are applied as a coating to AirJoule contactors to perform the energy and water harvesting function

  • BASF has successfully produced coatings for our prototypes and is now scaling the processes for mass-production. We are expanding our ongoing development agreement to global manufacturing and supply


Capitalizing a Generational Transition

  • The scale of the global move to clean sustainable power, and an increasingly digitized economy generates considerable opportunity for investment. The TEP team aims to make both growth equity and control buyout investments in opportunities arising from three sectors within this transition:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Energy & Digital Technology

  • Transitional Energy

Statements from Our Partners and Leading Scientists

“I've been a scientist at Pacific Northwest Lab for 39 years and joined Montana Technologies in 2022. In my 39 years of scientific discovery and innovation, I've only had experiences like March 15, 2023 happen a few times. That day was the first time all the AirJoule components were integrated together as originally conceived. Seeing the water pour out of the unit was extraordinarily gratifying and will one day be remembered, I believe, as an historical moment in scientific achievement.”
Pete McGrail

Pete McGrail

Laboratory Fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory . PNNL

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