AirJoule is a transformational climate technology that enables the atmosphere to become an around-the-clock renewable energy and water resource.

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The Technology Advantage

Conventional systems are reliant on a 119-year-old compressor/refrigerant system. In over a century, there have been few technological breakthroughs to disrupt this sector…until now.

Our technology solved thermal constraints related to metal organic frameworks (MOF)s, which have previously prevented commercialization of MOFs.

Using our proprietary MOF technology and coating system, we solved the need for external heat to release water vapor during the desorption process. This means that instead of using excess external heat – we’re able to harness heat from the absorption process, reducing the need for energy and allowing the chambers to release the water vapor.

Unlike conventional systems, AirJoule eliminates the need for harmful refrigerants and works in both humid and arid environments.

What AirJoule Does

AirJoule technology provides the following benefits:

  1. Water
  2. Conditioned Air
  3. Cooling

How It Works

  1. AirJoule draws humid air into the open chamber
  2. Proprietary MOF-coated contactors adsorb water vapor in open chamber
  3. Simultaneous with step 2, the heat of adsorption is transferred to closed chamber to assist desorption
  4. Proprietary air pump creates a vacuum on the closed chamber
  5. Proprietary vacuum compressor pulls water vapor from the contactors in the closed chamber and slightly pressurizes it
  6. Proprietary condenser produces pure water
  7. Alternating cycle between chambers happens every 5 minutes

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